Siam Dragon Show Chiangmai

Siam Dragon Show is the place of entertainment, variants of fun and exult. We expect very much that you will be happy and satisfied with the pleasure to watch the show that we have created for all of you.

Siam Dragon Show Chiang Mai work under the company of Siam Dragon Show in the area of nearly 1.5 acres with a stage and seating area that are specially designed. We have a stage platform in the central of the water which is very unique so the audience can see and enjoy the full amusement of the show on the stage clearly throughout the performance.

With a style of show incorporating the culture of the North and cabaret-style, this show is characterized by refined creative way and a variety of modern ways. We also have professional actors filled with skills and the power to perform the show. We are ready to bring the 90-minute of happiness you can enjoy and the charm of a show that you should not miss.